Dowsing – any way you look at it – it’s covered in controversy and mixed opinions, from superlatives and outrageous claims to flat out accusations of fraud and skepticism. In my opinion – the truth is somewhere in between.

Dowsing is not as yet scientifically proven, at least not in a sense of being able to measure it with so called scientific instruments. It is very much dependent on the operator as actually the operator, or dowser, is the one who detects the changes in the electromagnetic field and the dowsing tool – a pendulum, divining rod or even dowser’s own body – serves only as an indicator, like a needle of a meter.

It  has been known throughout the ages, there were pendulums found in the pharaoh’s tombs in the Valley Of the Kings in ancient Egypt, there are documents showing dowsing used in the search of water and minerals in the middle ages.

The modern dowsing started with the work done by a Swiss monk Abbe Mermet and French researchers Chaumery and de Belizal in 1930-1940’s. Of course it’s a great simplification as there were many that contributed to the current dowsing and radiesthetic knowledge.

Dowsing is not at all limited to finding water, power lines, etc.  Dowsing is only limited by your imagination.  It is generally associated with finding oil, water or precious metals, but sometimes an object that is lost or missing.  It is a technique that has been utilized for many centuries,  like finding natural water sources.  Dowsing is a practice that is often used as a means to find underground water.

It is usually an age-old method employed to receive information by means of metaphysical means.  Dowsing is a technique that allows us to observe the info our own bodies obtain.

Dowsing is a technique and the pendulum is actually a tool.  It’s a great resource for self-empowerment, and power doesn’t rule out receiving help when we require it.  It can help you to determine what chakras may require additional care and attention .  It’s an ancient practice — believed to go as far back as 8,000 years.  Dowsing is frequently associated with other kinds of occult training.

Dowsing may take a number of forms.  It has been around in several forms for millennia.  It’s really a skill definitely worth perfecting, and you will discover quite a few ways to use it.  Dowsing isn’t foolproof, however in competent hands it could be extremely accurate.

Dowsing can be carried out either by means of pure clairvoyance, or using any of various tools.  You can accomplish it with plenty of devices .  Dowsing tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common are L Rods, Y Rod or forked stick, and pendulums or bobbers.  It can be employed to activate, alter & change the energies for particular purposes.  It cannot simply be used for these earth patterns but also for utilizing our intuitive abilities.  Dowsing could also function  as a way of employing one’s intuition concerning esoteric issues.

Dowsing is essential to geomancers for a number of reasons.  It’s an old tradition and best recognized as a technique to locate underground water veins for wells.  Dowsing has even expanded into dowsing to improve your health and find suitable supplements.
It is among the oldest means of establishing responses to a variety of questions.